About us

Our Story


The idea for our own online shop has developed through several purchasing activities. The problem was that you can not find all the necessary products we know from our home in the ordinary supermarket. Of course, the Asia weeks in supermarkets give us the opportunity to access some of these products. However, products like Jackfruit or Red Basmati Rice are non-existent. Similar products, such as curry powder, are a good substitute, but there are significant differences in taste when using the original products. As a result, it happened more often that we travelled to Dortmund, Paris or London for certain products just for shopping. We think it's a pity, because the number of people with foreign roots is steadily increasing in Germany. Therefore, we have considered offering our customers products and explaining to them how, what products and what


Our values

Our values are the inspiration for our daily work. We try to offer our customers the best possible products at a competitive price. Our goal is for each customer to bring the desired products closer, so that long distances can be avoided and no one has to do without these products. First for us
  1. Quality: We try to offer the best possible quality at a price. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, so we offer many products from different manufacturers to enable anyone to purchase these products.
  2. Performance: We always try to improve our performance. From the extra service of the customer to faster transport.
  3. Trust: We trust in our dealers that these products are selected with great care and quality. We also offer our customers confidence through various payment methods. In the near future, we would like to select our products ourselves from smallholders and thus help them too.
  4. Sustainability: In the future, we will try to concentrate more on organic products. Also, our shipping boxes are made from recycled material. Online purchasing also reduces the amount of pollutants that enter the environment.